My Story


Grace C. Node - my pseudonym shows my idea of writing: The stories should abduct you into another phantastic world where everything is possible. I would like to take you on a journey with my characters to laugh, cry and explore their history.

 I am an upcoming author and write my first story Glory Mornings on Wattpad. After all the amazing support of my fans I decide to make writing more professional. So I rewrite some chapters and now my book was released in December 2017 with a publishing house. ​

With a passionate interest in love relationships and all the confusing emotions around lust, seduction and sex I create stories which pointed these feelings out.   

​I have worked as Sales Director for several big companies but my heart was into storytelling, filming, video-gaming and art. Now I found my creativity again and start my journey through the infinity of erotic love stories.

My new book Beyond Redemption is in progress, so stay keen about the next months...